Specialists in the domain of roller bearings, the company M.E.R. offers a large range of products at the best prices. We are also experts in the restoration of all these products:

Slewing Rings

Slewing rings are the guiding elements in rotation for specific mechanical elements that work in rigorous work conditions such as lifting cranes and mechanical engines. We can supply you with a wide range of slewing rings.

Fixed groove roller bearings

The most popular type of roller bearings. Fixed roller bearings are used in numerous applications. Doted with a simple assemply, they are inseparable, can be used at high speed and resist exceedingly well over time. These bearings can support axial loads in both ways as well as radial load, even at high speed. Available in a wide variety of models:

• Open base model
• Sealed bearing
• ICOS sealed bearing, oil lubrification
• Grooved bearing with segment stop, with or without segment stop

Angular contact roller bearings

Angular contact roller bearings can support axial and radial loads exerted at the same time.

Spherical ball bearings

These comprise 2 sets of ball bearings with a common spherical track housed within an outer ring. Capable of automatic alignment and handling shaft housing alignment defects, they are particularly suitable for situations where the shaft is subject to movement or where significant misalignment problems may occur. The surface contact zone, less than that of other bearings, provides a greater resistance to overheating, even at extremely high speed.

Cylindrical roller bearings

Particularly including caged bearings (which can bear heavy raidial loads at high speeds) and jointed bearings (particularly suitable for extra heavy radial loads at moderate speeds). The bearings guarantee an optimal distribution for the contact zones on the interior of the bearing. Their surface is favourable to a lubricating film and the correct operation of the bearings. They offer a superior operational reliability and are less sensitive to alignment defects.

Tapered roller bearing

Particularly suitable for radial and axial loads they are generally separable which means that the cone formed by the interior ring and the cage bearing unit can be mounted separately from the cup (exterior ring). Tapered roller bearings offer a contact profile that ensures optimum load dispersal between the bearing/groove contacts. The specific design improves the lubricating film adhesion. They are also more reliable and less sensitive to spills.

Spherical roller bearings

These bearings are irreplaceable for numerous complex applications. They offer auto-alignment capabilities that are resistant to movement and shaft alignment defects relative to the housing. Due to their specific design they can support high axial loads in both directions as well as radial loads.

Needle roller bearings

Needle roller bearings can bear a high load for their size. Available with or without an interior ring according to requirements. Available for various applications in numerous sizes, the range includes drawn cup as well as caged bearings.

Thrust ball bearings

Composed of a shaft joint, housing joint and set of ball bearings held within a cage, these are removable enabling the dissambly and reassembly. Thrust ball bearings can support an axial load in only one direction so positioning the shaft on a unique axe. They cannot support a radial load.

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings

For bearings requiring the capability of supporting major axial load in only one direction. Relatively shock proof relative to loads, they are quite rigid and have a maximum axial size. The ends are removable enabling the possibility of dismounting the assembly into separate components.

Angular contact ball thrust bearings

These offer a large load capability, high axial rigidity and excellent precision with high speed operations.

Spherical roller thrust bearings

Specially designed to support maximum movement. They can support extremely high axial loads with increased operating speeds.

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